Appointments & Fees



Office hours are Tuesdays 9-7, Thursdays 9-7, Saturdays 9-2

Treatments are by appointment only. To make an appointment, call or e-mail.



Initial consultation & treatment: 110 (allow 1½ hours)
Follow-up treatment: 80
Medical Qigong: 120
Treatment that includes Medical Qigong: 120
Initial Herbal Only Consultation: 80
Herbal Only Consultation follow up: 50
Facial Rejuvenation initial consultation: 150
Facial Rejuvenation follow-up treatment: 125

(allow 1 hour for all follow-up treatments)


Cancellation Policy

I kindly request a 24-hour cancellation phone call or e-mail; a cancellation without 24 hours notice will be considered a visit, and payment is expected.


Health Insurance

For your convenience, I accept all major credit cards and Flexcards.  I am an in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and United Healthcare, for those with plans that cover acupuncture.  Out-of-network billing is available for other major health plans offering acupuncture coverage.   If you’re not sure what benefits your plan offers, call and I’ll find out for you.